Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Hillary says 'gun laws need to be "reined in"

Hillary Clinton: 'Fully Licensed, Fully Validated' Gun Owners Can't Be Trusted:
(May 07, 2014)
On May 6th, Hillary Clinton gave a speech at a National Council for Behavioral Health conference in which she suggested that "fully licensed" and "fully validated" gun owners cannot be trusted to make sound decisions regarding gun usage.
According to Politico, Clinton's said:
"At the rate we're going, we're going to have so many people with guns everywhere, fully licensed, fully validated, in settings where [one] could be in a movie theater, and they don't like someone chewing gum loudly or talking on their cell phone and decide they have the perfect right to defend themselves against the gun chewer or cell phone user by shooting. 
As Breitbart News reported, Clinton also criticized lenient gun laws in her May 6th speech. Saying the idea "that almost anyone can have a gun anywhere at any time" has "become almost an article of faith." She suggested that this is not beneficial and that gun laws need to be "reined in."
Rank this right up there with "Hillary-Care".

It's difficult to believe that a politician would be so up-front about their anti-Second Amendment stance.

... oh, she's a Democrat.  Never mind.

THIS is the only reason why Conservatives have been willing to stomach the egregious Obama administration;  it could have been worse, it could have been Hillary with a phone and a pen.

It appears that the Democratic Party has no better candidate for the 2016 elections than Hillary.   She is 'electable', and she definitely toes the party line.  In fact, she defines it.

So, buy your 5" plastic tubing, dig some holes in the garden in your back yard.  Bury your guns before HillaryCare II drops on your head like a ton of bricks.

It will happen during the next Presidential Campaign that you WILL hear about the retired Police Captain who capped Popcorn Guy in a movie theater.  NOBODY who supports the 2nd Amendment accepted his irrationality, but he will be the Poster Boy for dumb-shit gun owners.

Who will the Republicans run against her?


Oh, sure, there will be a candidate .. but he will be a Candy Ass who is trying to segue the powerful Democratic Machine.   It won't happen.  Democrats can point at a few oddballs who were Over The Hill, and their talking points were be more powerful.

What can Republicans point at?  Bengazi?  Obamacare?   It doesn't matter.

America has reached that point in history where the electorate can vote for the party who will give them the most free benefits.   They are the party of entitlements; they can .. and will .. buy the election.

Who will pay for those benefits?

You will.

Oh .. when you bury your guns?  Be sure to bury as much cash as you can accumulate between now and then.

Your neighbors will want to take it from you, if it's still in the bank.

Just saying.

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