Wednesday, May 07, 2014

"Hi, I'm Bubbah. Gimme a Coke and Fries, or ...."

Gun-rights activists say Fort Worth incident is overblown | Arlington | News from Fort W...:
(Arlington, Texas ... May 07, 2014)
Local gun-rights activists say too much fuss is being made over an incident last week in which some of its demonstrators, carrying shotguns and rifles, walked into a Fort Worth fast-food restaurant to buy soft drinks but were mistaken for robbers. 
Last week, employees at the Jack in the Box at Sycamore School Road and the South Freeway told Fort Worth police officers that “they feared for their lives” and locked themselves in a freezer for protection after seeing men they thought were armed with assault rifles enter the restaurant, according to a police report. 
Kory Watkins, a spokesman for Open Carry Tarrant County, said Tuesday that the men were carrying their firearms in a “nonaggressive fashion” and that they were at the restaurant only to buy drinks while waiting for a nearby gun-rights demonstration to begin. Within moments, police officers arrived to ask the men why they were there. 
“This was blown out of proportion. There was no robbery. The caller must have overexaggerated the situation,” Watkins said.

Cheeze and Rice!

If I was working at the Jack In The Box in Fort Worth, and these guys walked into the store?  I would have .. over-reacted.

You are armed like Storm Troopers and you walk into a Jaque de Boite expecting to get served like anybody else?

Let's get real.

How would the employees know you weren't intended to rob the place and murder everyone in the joint?

When you are packing shotguns and rifles, and walk into a commercial property, what else do you expect the employees to think?

I don't care who you think you are, or what your rights are; you are armed with shotguns and rifles, and you think the employees "overexaggerated" (sp) the situation"????

You guys, those of you who strutted around with your guns ... you are IDIOTS!  Are you so proud of your 2nd Amendment Rights that you forget that you are in a civilized community?  NOBODY --- armed to the hilt as you obviously were --- walks into a commercial establishment populated with folks who can't find A Real Job.

No, I take that back:  "NOBODY WALKS INTO A PUBLIC PLACE WITH EXPOSED RIFLES AND SHOTGUNS!!!!!"  Especially, when you are flashing Major Guns around, you cannot convince anyone that you are doing so in a "non-aggressive fashion".

They will not believe you.

Hell, *_I_* will not believe you!

You couldn't leave them locked in your car?  Or stay in the car with the rifles and shotguns, and send in somebody without a rifle or shotgun to put in your order?  Or go through the DRIVE-THROUGH, for crying out loud?   What did you expect the employees, to do;  serve you without comment?

They expect you to shoot the guy who throws popcorn in your face.  And rightly so!



You people have set back the Second Amendment by centuries.  You WILL read about how gun-owners are arrogant, insensitive, and abusive of your Second Amendment Rights.

The worst part about is is, at least as far as you YAHOOS are concerned ... they will be right!

Whomever you are, where-ever you live ...  I hope you are tried and convicted as felons.  I hope you serve time in jail .. not because you broke a law, but because will lose your Second Amendment rights; which you obviously do not appreciate.  You will not do your part to protect those rights. by cherishing them and being respectful of folks who don't agree with you.    You are the kind of people who just can't understand, or respect, your God-given rights. You don't f*cking DESERVE them!

The people who locked themselves in the cooler did the right thing.

You ... did not.


Anonymous said...

It has always been legal to openly carry long guns in Texas. And it some areas during hunting season, people do carry their long gun into a café, or fast food joint. Would you leave a $3,000.00 over and under locked in your vehicle? I say they over reacted.

Anonymous said...

Calm down Geek. You need to get out of that liberal cesspool you live in and travel around the rest of the country.

MuddyValley said...

I'll second that! They are idiots.
Only a fool would do something like that. They are doing more for the gun rights opposition than their own cause. They are luck they didn't get shot.