Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Down To The Wire

Top Shot — Videos (Season 2 Semifinals)

Since I realized last week that I could see Full Episodes of the History Channel's popular "Top Shop" show via the internet, I decided to try tonite to see what yesterday's show looked like.

This was the penultimate show of the season. The competition had been winnowed down to the last 5 contestants, and this show was to eliminate the last shooter --- leaving four challengers for the $100,000 prize to be awarded on the April 29, 2011 show.

The main test was to use a Glock 17 to shoot 10 balloons. The trick was, the shooter was suspended from a 125' tall crane, and then dropped .... there were only a few seconds to actually engage the targets.

The winner got 5 balloons, the loser got 3 balloons.

Then they went to the challenge to see who would be voted the Weakest Link. Or whatever they call the guy who got voted off.

Two people were chosen, and they had to do a shoot-off using a Benelli M2 against 8 Clay Pigeons. The trick was, they were riding in the back of a truck driving 25 mph down a dirt road.

The winner got 5, the loser got 3 targets and was dropped.

I know, it sounds pretty ho-hum but the show is beautifully produced, the props are professional, and the production values (and editing) are surprisingly well done. It's no wonder this television show is so popular. For a minute there, I was tempted to have Cable Television installed here in Geekistan. Almost.

Which is just my saying ... I think this is MUCH more interesting than watching "Dancing With The Stars"!

Well, except of course I do kinda miss the Lady Dancers.

You can click on the link at the beginning of the page and see the whole thing yourself. It runs about 40 minutes.

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