Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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I've not been very good about posting regularly, for quite a while. As my retirement date (April 21) nears, I've been finding more time to devote to the project. And it has been very rewarding, both in terms of finding something 'useful' to spend my spare time on, and because the blog seems to continue drawing interest.

This is my opportunity to say "Thank You" to my readers.

Generally, based on the number of comments submitted, it's easy for me to assume that my "regular readers" are but a handful. However, the following statistics from my Stats-Counter Service suggest that there is, indeed, a "Silent Majority". And they're not just out their to stab Bill-Hilary (or Nixon) in the back!

This week was a milestone; over a quarter of a million page loads, total, since the blog was started in December, 2004. That makes it "pretty old" and "Pretty Slow", which seems appropriate, since I demonstrate the same virtues. (To which those who have seen me shoot may attest.

And the week past when I am STILL not writing regularly, demonstrate an increased audience if only I can get out of bed and write for an hour or two in the morning. Or the evening.

URL: http://jerrythegeek.blogspot.com/

Unique Visitors1181027010976859265293
First Time Visitors10388578463717253877
Returning Visitors1514132513142011416

So I thank you "unique visitors", be you returning or first-time. You encourage me to indulge in one of my favorite activities. Writing.

You ARE an odd bunch, aren't you?

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