Sunday, August 15, 2010

Politically Incorrect

I've tried hard -- so very hard -- to minimize the amount of political commentary here. This is suppose to be about "shooting sports" and cultural issues.

Please understand that the following photo doesn't fit either of these categories. It's just so darn funny I almost spewed a sip of decent Canadian Whiskey Ice Water on my keyboard when I saw it. It's included here strictly for its HUMOR value.

The funny thing, judging by the 'other' sign seen in the picture, is that this seems to be a protest rally organized by "" Which is a group of folks who ... judging by the sidebar articles on their website ... are decidedly, uh, "Liberals".

Well, then that makes it all right, doesn't it?

If I had realized that Politics involves so much humor, I might not have been so diligent about censoring the Political aspects from this blog.

Which is why, when I listed my Quotes (in the blue area, above) for this week, I included one by Nicolas Boileau:

"Sometimes a fool makes a good suggestion."

(A hat-tip to Randy S.)

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