Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rep. Maxine Waters - It's Bush's Fault!

Rep. Maxine Waters Refutes Ethics Charges - ABC News

Representative Maxine Waters has been brought up on charges from the House Ethics Committee on the grounds that she used her congressional influence for the betterment of OneUnited Bank ... a commercial enterprise in which her husband has a $350,000 investment.

Her defense is that she wanted to resolve a 'general' lapse in governmental assistance to financial institutions, but the Bush Treasury Department was so slow in responding to her ... proposal that by the time they got around to scheduling a meeting only one bank showed up at the meeting.

That bank was OneUnited Bank.

When the meeting was held, OneUnited was the only bank represented, according to the report. A lawyer for the National Bankers Assn. also was present.

That, the Office of Congressional Ethics said, was "cause for concern,'' given that the National Bankers Assn. represented 103 banks, including two in the Washington area.
Waters, one of the most Liberal congress-critters (and a representative from California), has called for the earliest possible hearings, so that she may state her case.

She has also fallen into the political trap of ascribing ANY negative result from congressional intercession to the presidential administration of former President George W. Bush.

As I said earlier: if I had known that there was so much HUMOR in national politics, I would not have attempted to avoid the subject, in recent months.

This illustrates the universal truth about Liberal Politicians: no matter what the subject, or the timing, whatever happens to cast a negative interpretation on Liberal politicians ...

.... it's always George Bush's Fault!

(Does this have any relationship to Waters' desire to nationalize the Petroleum Industry? )

"This Liberal would be all about socialisin .. uh ... uh ... basically .... taking over .... and the government would be running all of your companies."

Yeah, like the government has done so well in the past couple of years running the country, let alone running an actual for-profit industry.

As my friend Hobo Brasser has so often said (courtesy of Jimmy Buffett): "If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane."

This Liberal (Mad Dog Waters) is obviously unable to laugh. Might be a vitamin deficiency. Or a salt-shaker deficiency. She should see her physician.)

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