Friday, March 19, 2010

Range Closure: Dundee, Oregon

Email from Evil Bill:

Just got a call from Jonathan U. Knudsen vineyards is logging to the property line behind the pistol bays. Evidently it has created a possibly unsafe condition, and effective immediately the pistol bays at Dundee are CLOSED.
Doesn't sound like there is going to be an easy or quick fix to the problem, so for now I guess USPSA matches at Dundee are uncertain. We couldput on a 3 or maybe 4 stage match down in the hole, but that's about it until things get resolved up on top. Is it worth the effort to even do a shortmatch? I'll find out more at the members meeting on Saturday.
Hopefully this will not be a permanent problem.

For now, it sees clear that the March match at Dundee is not a happening thing.

That is, of course, subject to change; Bill's suggestion that they could put in a few small stages "down in the hole" means (I assume) in the huge Rifle Range and in the small 'pit' near the bench rests overlooking the Rifle Range.

The 'berm' there is over 50 feet high, and it might be relatively safe if people are not actively working in the immediate vicinity.

I wonder if the logging operation is expected to continue over the weekends, and how long the process will continue.

This is extremely short notice, and I'm personally disappointed; I was looking forward to shooting my first match there since last summer.

For more information on the Dundee "Crocodile Dundee" range, see their website at the "Team Croc" website.

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