Sunday, March 14, 2010

Here's a good example of what NOT to do!

YouTube - IPSC / USPSA Shoot-What Not to Do

Let me make this perfectly clear, if it isn't already:

When I teach new Practical Pistol shooters, I make it a point that a stage starting the shooter "Facing Up-range" means: Turn, then draw.

That's a common error, and an entirely unsafe situation, in Practical Shooting. I have seen Grand Masters violate this elementary safety rule, even after decades of experience.

Here, we see a shooter who turns to move out of the second shooting position, and his body faces uprange. He is (as is proper) "Match Disqualified".

Even though his pistol is pointed up in the air at the time.

Rule of thumb: if your pistol is out of the holster, and you face up-range, you WILL be DQ'd.

Don't do this at home, and for sure don't do this at a match.

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