Friday, March 19, 2010

Dundee: Not Dead Yet!

Comment to my recent post re: Range Closure: Dundee, Oregon -
Jerry, We WILL have a March match at Dundee. It's going to take a little shuffling, and a quick re-configure on a couple of stages in the middle of the match, but we will have six stages, 100-110 rounds, and do it all in three bays. That's the plan anyway.

Bill, this is exceptional good news. Thank you for updating the news, and so quickly.

I'm so glad to learn that Dundee is able to respond so promptly to adversity, and especially because the stages at that range are so consistantly ... inconsistent. That is to say, challenging and innovative.

It may seem petty to assert that Evil Bill's influence on stage design and construction add spice to what might otherwise be a bland reincarnation of stages which we've all seen before, but the fact is that originality is the keyword at Dundee. Evil Bill (and Paul and Marty) see to be without peer in designing stages which are unlike any we've seen in club matches within the section.

Yet even Section and Area (Level III?) matches fall short of the stages which we have learned to expect from Dundee matches.

Not that I feel comfortable with Dundee stages; but I always feel challenged. Even when I don't perform to my own expectations, Dundee matches give me pause to reflect on the competitive talents which I have NOT developed fully.

Besides that, they are fun to shoot!

So I'm looking forward to the match next weekend. It may be dramatically constrained by the available range-space, but I know I will crash and burn on at least one or two of the stages.

That's A Good Thing, right?

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