Monday, July 27, 2009

Stick figures in peril

Stick figures in peril: bizarre and confusing warning signs from around the world - Telegraph
As much as I don't like the UK's "Daily Telegraph" (because of their sensationalist and cheezy content), sometimes it's just really hard to resist their sleezy sensationalism.

Here's a few examples of something that we all know and wonder about ... stick figures.

This "Stick Figure", for example, appears to warn the viewer against performing unnatural acts with dump trucks.

On the other hand, is the unnatural acts interpretation a matter of objective thinking, or does it say something about the viewer? I invite you to contribute your own interpretation, as long as it does now reflect negatively on the author ... that would be me, not you. I'm okay, you're subject to intense psychological examination. Right?


Here's another example, which seems to support the unnatural acts interpretation. I hope you can provide a more logical meaning. Sure, it's probably contrary to continuing a normal sex-life if you allow ... perhaps encourage ... an elephant to step on you private parts. But we should all be aware of those risks without the stick figure.

On the other hand, what about the trunk, eh?

This is another stick figure which illustrates ... what? TP in the commode is okay, but standing up while doing your personal business is not okay?

Or does it suggest that it's 'not okay' to do a double back-flip into the commode as a bizarre version of suicide?

I work on a University Campus, and I have to admit that some of the people who are compelled by immediate personal needs to visit the "Public Loo" just don't seem to understand the etiquette of using a public toilet. Perhaps this indicates that "Ranging Shots Are Not Okay" is a reasonable interpretation of this Stick Figure.

No, that's just too bizarre to write about on a Public Blog. Forget I said that, okay?


These are only three of the NINETEEN stick figures presented in the Telegraph Article. Please remember that I started out saying that the Telegraph website was weird and not my favorite website.

Also, I never said anything about unnatural acts here. If you think I did, it merely reflects your own personal perversity. Not mine.

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