Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Smallest Minority Goes to PayPal - NOT!

The Smallest Minority - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Kevin at "The Smallest Minority" (one individual) wanted to contribute a gun for a raffle at the forthcoming "Gun Bloggers Rendezvous", and chose "Soldiers' Angels" to run the ticket sales.

Paypal closed down Soldiers Angel's account ... because of this raffle ... because PayPal is entirely anti-gun.

They (Soldiers' Angels) had to take the raffle off the list of contributors before they were allowed to continue accepting donations from 'other sources'.

Kevin's pissed, Soldiers' Angels may have lost some contributions during the outage, and it appears that the raffle may be 'off' after only 42 contributions had been received.

I have less than $50 in my paypal account. Maybe I'll look around for some better way to send money to worthwhile recipients, such as Day By Day Cartoons by Chris Muir.

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