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The Way Of The Gun

The Way Of The Gun - CBS News Video
From the April 12, 2009, 60 minutes program, the following is a segment by Leslie Stahl titled: The Way Of The Gun

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For more background, (H/T) Opposing Views: Breaking Down 60 Minutes' Anti-Gun Bias


It's not just C BS!

CNN has been jumping the shark with anti-gun stuff (regularly). Case in point, this (March, 2009?) video of an Anderfson Cooper article about .50 Caliber Barrett Rifles ... and other Evil Guns imported from America to Mexico.
This is part of the now-infamous "90% of Mexican Crime Weapons Come from U.S." MSM-generated Urban Legend which I discussed last week. (CNN Quote: "America is still a major source for powerful weapons which are being used by Mexican Drug Cartels.")

.50 Barrets are hard to come by ... and they're expensive (you're looking at $7,000 to $8,ooo ... if one is available).

So where are those fifties coming from? Best guess: the Mexican Army, which the US has shipped a number to within the past few years, and WE don't have any idea if they're still in control of the Mexican Army.

Mexican Police are being slaughtered by Drug "Cartels", and one of the most constant sources of their weapons are Mexican Army troops who are deserting with their weapons ... no figures are available on the number of deserters, those who took their personal weapons or other weapons, or what weapons are missing from inventory. You would expect that either the Mexicans, who are pointing fingers at Americans, or the Amreican Government would have those figures, wouldn't you?

I mean, if Mexico claims we are the source of guns for criminals, our government would at least require them to account for the guns we have provided for their military, right?

If anybody has asked question, I haven't heard about it.

The Obama Administration (and Obama, personally), seem to have bought into concept and are reacting as if tahe accusation was true:

US President Barack Obama has admitted that America shares responsibility for Mexico's violent struggle against its drug cartels. On his first official visit to Mexico City, President Obama vowed to support Mexico's fight, promising to slow down the number of US guns being smuggled across the border.

Without hard facts from the Mexican Military (for just one example of accepted minimal documentation of the accusations) on Missing Firearms, the American government can't accept responsibility for the inability of the Mexican Government to keep track of their own arsenal contents.

Obama seems to have willingly skipped this step. He could have learned from Ronald Reagan, who espoused the policy: "Trust, then Verify".

So we have CBS, CNN and ABC coming down on the side of "The Day of the Evil Gun". Add to that the Obama administration, and the American Citizen has no hope that the Second Amendment will survive the next four years without experiencing some major predations.

Foreigners, MSM, Politicians and Liberals constitute the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse.

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