Thursday, May 22, 2008

Robert Palmer

I have never been to a Robert Palmer concert.

I've never owned an album of his music.

I think I'm missed something, because through the magic of You Tube I've learned to appreciate his sublime sense of humor.

Here are three reasons why I think I've really missed something:

Robert Palmer: "Addicted to Love" (I love the guitars) -

Robert Palmer:"I've got a Bad Case of Loving You" ... unfortunately, there's an "Embedding disabled by request" flag on this video.

I didn't request it, and there's nothing 'wrong' with the video, but you'll have to use the link. There's not even a "low-quality" version available for embedding.

Robert Palmer : "Simply Irresistible" -

You'll have to use the link on this one, for a high-quality copy ... same reason. But here's a low-quality embedded copy:

Kim Du Tuit, eat your heart out.

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