Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hope and Glory in Iraq

I've been aware of Bill Wittle at Eject! Eject! Eject! for a couple of years, but I have not been a regular reader.

My loss.

Thanks to Geek with a .45, I've been directed to Wittle's latest (as of this date) two-part oddyssey into the attitudes of Americans and analysis of what it takes to win a war ... or more precisely, what it takes to make a peace.

I'm humbled, and encouraged. Wittle is an inspired journal writer whose theme here is not 'how to win a war through superior firepower', but 'how to win a peace by showing that we are a people who love and desire peace'. This is badly expressed, and I apologize for my meager word-smithing skills. The clumsy phrases do, however, serve to give you the general idea of Wittle's message.

Part 1: Glory ... which has absolutely nothing at all to do with Glory as it is usually defined.

Part 2: Hope ... which has something to do with war, and everything to do with achieving a peace for a beautiful people who deserve nothing less.

Not us for us, but for them.

Peace in the Middle East is possible. This has been a dream, but now we may see that it is not an unobtainable goal when two peace-loving cultures share that dream. We do not strive to trade "Blood for Oil". We only hope to bring peace to a troubled land.

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