Monday, July 23, 2007

CCS Tournament - Day 2

Final match results of the 2007 Columbia Cascade Section Tournament are available here.

I realize that my previous post seemed singularly ... curmudgeonly.

That wasn't my intention, but I was hot and tired and footsore from running back and forth across HUGE shooting bays for six hours, so I indulged myself.

Rather than go back and edit all the cranky stuff out of my previous post, I think I'll just let it stand and show you the OTHER Side of the picture.

Yes, it was too warm and humid and I am too old for this stuff.

But I keep coming back for more matches because I love what I do in deep gravel on the weekends.

Why? Why have I been doing the same old thing in the same old places for over 20 years?

Because while it may be more of a challenge than I can meet, and my life may be too sedentary to prepare for this six-hours-of-walking-back-and-forth stuff, but I enjoy the activity and I can't get enough of the good people I meet down here in The Pits.

Just to show that the usual IPSC Match (in USPSA, as performed by The Usual Suspects) is more fun than competition:

By the way, as usual the photos from this match may be viewed on Jerry the Geeks Video Shooting Gallery.

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