Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The King Amedment .. protection for anti-terrorist whistle-blowers?

According to the Center for Security Policy, a federal law providing protection for Americans who report "suspicious ... and frightening behavior" will be enacted. See Sondra K for context.

This applies to "The Flying Imams" who were booted off an airplane earlier this year because they were acting like a bunch of lunatics. Fellow passengers were alarmed by their behavior and reported it to the air crew. The result is that the Imams were removed from the airplane. Consequently, the American Islamic leaders vowed to engage the people who reported them in a civil suit, as a means of retaliation for actions ("report suspicious activity ...") which had been encouraged by U.S. Federal Governmental Agencies.

This law would protect such 'whistle-blower' activities, when the result of a 'good faith' concern, from civil penalty.

Some Americans thought the actions of the Imams were part of an attempt to test the system of anti-terrorist measures in the United States.

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