Sunday, April 29, 2007

Evil Oregon Star 0 - Presenting the Evil Oregon Star

The Evil Oregon Star is a new event on the horizon of Practical Pistol Competition in the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA), so you may have some questions about it.

This short video (also available as a 6mb download from Jerry The Geek's Video Shooting Gallery) may be a first step in understanding what's so Evil about this Star.

The first segment depicts the Match Walkthrough in the April 28, 2007, match at Dundee Oregon where it is first presented as a 'fun stage' in Dundee's annual Classifier match. Note the "Quote of the Day":

"Is this because too many new shooters are staying with the sport?"

The second (short) segment shows the response when it is first presented to the squads.

The third segment shows how to reset the target array, in its present configuration.

Note that this video is not only available through You Tube, but is also available in its full (6mb) WMV format at Jerry the Geek's Video Shooting Gallery.

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