Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's a Whole Lot More Important

The Hobo Brasser sent me this video, and I'm including it here because ... well, the title says it all.

The story line of this ABC Television video is that a Texas man has made it his priority, "300 days a year", to go to the DFW airport every day with as many people he can talk into accompanying him, to meet the plane carrying American military service men and women as they return from active duty in a combat zone.

This video struck an intensely personal note in my heart, because when I returned from VietNam in 1969 the only person present to gladly greet me was my wife. Not that I didn't appreciate her welcome, but I remember thinking about the ticker-tape parades and brass bands of World War II veerans, and wondering whether there was something about my service which was less honorable than theirs.

At least these military men and women will not be haunted by this doubt, that their military service is unappreciated, for the rest of their lives.

This is also available in the original 6mb download here.

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