Wednesday, August 02, 2006

2006 USPSA MultiGun National Videos and Photos

While I didn't get to take as many photos and videos as I had hoped, I have a reasonably good collection on the Geek Video Shooting Gallery.

As nearly as I can tell, this is the worlds most comprehensive collection of multigun videos. Nobody else took as many pictures or as many videos of multigun (3-gun) national competition, although "Shooting USA" had a camera crew there. They mostly have video footage of The Super Squad, though.

They probably do an excellent job of depicting The Thrill of Victory. I doubt they will bother to show you The Agony of Defeat ... but I will.

You'll have to wait for months to see their film; here, you can see it right now.

No interviews here. Nobody wants to hear the winners crow about their achievements, and the non-winners would rather not talk about their foibles.

Here's the menu:

USPSA 2006 Multi-Gun National Championship Video Shooting Gallery Home-page.

Still Photos (sub-album including pictures of setup on Day 00, and stages where no videos are available.)

"The Stages" Album
Stage 01 sub-album (" Cakewalk" - CLOSE and FAR Rifle) - two videos (Main Range)
Stage 02 sub-album ("King of SAR" - Pistol, FAR Rifle, Shotgun) - one video available (Main Range)
Stage 03 sub-album ("Doors and Swingers" - Pistol 32 rounds) - no album. The stage had so much opaque vision barriers, you couldn't see the action. (North Range)

Stage 04 sub-album ("Perimeter Patrol" - Shotgun, CLOSE Rifle) (North Range)
Stage 05 sub-album ("Bunkerville" - Pistol and Shotgun) 1 video (North Range)
Stage 06 sub-album ("Pigeon Dinner" - Shotgun) (North Range)
Stage 07 sub-album ("Sands of Kandahar" - Rifle ) (EastRange)
Stage 08 sub-album ("Single UP") - Shotgun .. lots of videos! (EastRange)
Stage 09 sub-album ("Hot Potato") - Pistol, Shotgun - 5 videos (EastRange)
Stage 10 sub-album ("No Detour Allowed" - Pistol, CLOSE Rifle) - no photos available. (EastRange)
Stage 11 sub-album ("3 Ways" - Pistol, CLOSE Rifle, Shotgun) - no photos available. (EastRange)
Stage 12 sub-album("H L M" - FAR Rifle) - no photos available. (EastRange)

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