Wednesday, July 26, 2006

2006 Multigun Nationals on

UPDATE: Sunday, July 30, 2006

The match is completed. USPSA members can find the results on the MEMBERS website.

Division Winners:

Limited Ted Puente (23 competitors)
Open Michael Voigt (46 competitors)
Tactical Taran Butler (77 competitors)

Total 142 competitors

Photos from the MG-Nats can be found here. Includes videos from stages 1 and 2; more to be added as soon as I can get them edited down from 15MB to 2MB or 4MB formats.

Congratulations to all competitors.


The 2006 USPSA Multigun National Championship is being hosted by the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club .. 20 minutes from my front door in Corvallis, Oregon.

If you're going to put a National IPSC USPSA match that close to my home, you need to post armed guards to keep me from trying to participate.

I don't shoot Multigun (or 3-gun) for a variety of reasons, so I showed up the first day of the match as an Unofficial Volunteer. "Tell me what needs to be done, I'll do it" sort of thing, y'know?

I've just spent an entire day working as the Match Gofer. You know, gofer coffee, go fer lunch ... that sort of thing.

Turns out, I have a talent for it. I think I could spend the rest of my life working as a Gofer. Give up my day job. Spend all of my time working as the Unofficial USPSA Gofer. Yeah, works for me.

Until someone mentioned that, y'know, I don't get PAID for this job.

Okay, so maybe I'll keep my day job. Applications Systems Analyst work may be boring in comparison, and I'll be able to maintain my Farmer's Tan sitting in front of a computer, but the rent gets paid and I get to eat regular.

Still, there's nothing like running around a gravel-decked shooting range to make you re-evaluate your Career Decisions.

I've spent some time on the Machael Bane Shooting Gallery dot TV website talking about the night-before, and the RO Match stages of the match.

It's all background, you understand. Not much there about the match results, although I hope to get some videos after the Real Match (sorry, ROs) starts. Carl Schmidt wants some good photos, and I'll make an effort to catch some "Stuff That Doesn't Look Like A Pistol Match" type photos and videos. I'm not 'tasked' to do anything much, so I get to roam around the ARPC range and take photos, when there's something happening.

I'll keep this toward the top of the Blog, so it's obvious to everyone.

Take a minute or two, and go read the verifiably Geek Length Posts available so far.

And check back here again, to see the Next Exciting Chapter.

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