Monday, July 24, 2006

Nobel Peace Prize - "What is it good for?"

In an article which has somehow disappeared from The Australian (I'm glad I copied the page; too bad I lost the URL), a former Nobel Peace Prize winner declared "I could kill Bush".

The declaration was issued to a group of Australian school children ... who "clapped and cheered".

Although the original URL is no longer operative, here is the pertinent text of the article:

Peace prize winner 'could kill' Bush
Annabelle McDonald
25 July 2006

NOBEL peace laureate Betty Williams displayed a flash of her feisty Irish spirit yesterday, lashing out at US President George W.Bush during a speech to hundreds of schoolchildren.

Campaigning on the rights of young people at the Earth Dialogues forum, being held in Brisbane, Ms Williams spoke passionately about the deaths of innocent children during wartime, particularly in the Middle East, and lambasted Mr Bush.

"I have a very hard time with this word 'non-violence', because I don't believe that I am non-violent," said Ms Williams, 64.

"Right now, I would love to kill George Bush." Her young audience at the Brisbane City Hall clapped and cheered.

"I don't know how I ever got a Nobel Peace Prize, because when I see children die the anger in me is just beyond belief. It's our duty as human beings, whatever age we are, to become the protectors of human life."

Ms Williams was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 30 years ago, when she circulated a petition to end violence in Northern Ireland after witnessing British soldiers shoot dead an IRA member who was driving a car. He veered on to the footpath, killing two children from one family instantly and fatally injuring a third.

Frankly, we don't know how she ever got the Nobel Peace Prize either. Clearly her sentiments are not peaceful, and we wonder what the attendant children are learning in their Australian school, that they "clapped and cheered" when they were presented with the prospect of murdering a Head of State. One would think that they had been educated in Denver!

Her comments were paralleled by Suburban Islamic cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika, who was also reported in The Australian as:

(wanting) to kill 1000 Australians to "please Allah" and had the support of a blond recruit who had pledged violent jihad during a meeting with Osama bin Laden.

A Melbourne court heard yesterday that a witness would reveal that Shane Kent, 29, received weapons and explosives training at the Taliban-run al-Faruq training camp for foreign jihadis in Afghanistan.

And at a meeting with bin Laden in that country, Mr Kent, from Meadow Heights in Melbourne's north, allegedly committed himself to violent jihad. The alleged Melbourne terror cell's spiritual leader, Mr Benbrika embraced Mr Kent as part of his clique, the court heard, saying: "He's good, and he doesn't talk too much."

You can't help wondering if Betty Williams read this article, and whether she noticed the similarity in bloodthirsty sentiments between herself and Abdul Nacer Benbrika.


If we could only see ourselves as others see us, would we change?

Oh. Well, of course I wouldn't.

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