Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Canadian Clue-Bat

From the Edmonton, Alberta (CA) CBC.Ca:

Handgun sales on the rise
Last updated Dec 19 2005 07:49 AM MST
CBC News
Gun shop owners say handgun sales in Edmonton are skyrocketing since Prime Minister Paul Martin's promise to ban them.

A Canadian "Liberal Leader" made a promise to ban handguns in Alberta. Well, they're already 'almost banned', but this sounds like the Nuclear Option.

Now that Albertans have been assured that the Demon Gun will no longer be an option, how do they react?

Do they dance in the streets and give candy to strangers, as Pallistinians do when they are assured that Sharon is ailing?

No, they do not.

Instead, they rush to gun stores and buy handguns.


What is this strange discordance between Canadian Citizens and Canadian Politicos?

"I'm Just Guessing" that there is a national schizophrenia in action, where Canadians will vote for the Liberal Wacko de jure, but they retain sufficient grey matter to realize that "I've Got Mine!" is a survival instinct.

Why do they buy handguns, when they are assured that the future promises that handguns will be illegal? Are they just buying handguns so they can give them up when the new administration confiscates them? That's not right. Why would they deliberately buy a Demon Gun when they are assured that it will soon be rendered Ex Post Facto illegal.

Note: BANS lead to REGISTRATION, which leads to LICENSING, which leads to CONFISCATION. I'm sure they are clear on the concept.

Could it be that they plan to NOT allow their new (and newly illegal) handgun to be confiscated?

Can it be that they have no confidence in the rightness of the action, and expect to have their very own handgun for personal defense when it all goes into the crapper?

Note to Albertans:
Instead of planning to circumvent the Law of the Land, why don't you quit voting for these Liberal Moonbats and elect non-Liberal leaders who won't make you a criminal for performing an action (buying a handgun) which was legal when you did it?

I don't know about you, but it seems a lot easier to fight 'em at the polls than to fight 'em at the barricades.

To quote my old friend, Earthworm:

"What a bunch of Maroons!"

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