Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Big Dawg Invitational

The Michael Bane Blog: SHOOTING GALLERY Challenge/Big Dawg Invitational Update

Michael Bane (my hero!) has once again defined competition shooting. This time, he has scheduled a 'mixed media' invitation-only match to the top Big Dawgs of various disciplines for a two-day match with surprise stages and ranges from seven to seventy yards . . . all to be engaged with 'THEIR" pistols,

That's the deal. Invitation match, top shooters include:
  • Todd Jarrett
  • Doug Koenig
  • Rob Leatham
  • Max Michel
  • Dave Sevigney (Production King)
  • Jerry Miculek (Revolver King)
Cowboy Action stars include:
  • Randi "Holy Terror" Rogers
..... that's it? You've got six male IPSC champions, and one lone Female SAS shooter?

Sheee - ooot ... she's got 'em outnumbered and surrounded.

I don't know about you, but Jerry M. has sacrificed his 'underdawg' status to Randi Rogers. I want her to kick serious IPSC butt, and you know that Michael Bane isn't going to play up the diversity angle at ALL.

Yeah, right. And I'll receive an all-expenses paid invitation to represent the "Geek" contingent.

The deal is, you do NOT "shoot what you brang".

THEY (the producers) supply the guns, THEY supply the ammunition, THEY design and set up the stages, THEY make the rules, THEY score the stages, and THEY keep the cameras rolling while the Best of the West have every oppportunity to screw up by the numbers.

I love it.

Seven shooters. Six stages. Two days. What's not to like.

Okay, I wish (as if it makes a differnece) there was a 'normal' shooter in the mix to provide perspective. And I would really like for my hero, Jerry 'The Burner' Barnhart, to be one of the competitors. But he has announced that he is no longer a competitor, and you have to respect his decision to retire even if you (as I do) would prefer that he continue competing for at least one more year. The man contributes CLASS to what would otherwise be, as the Artillaryman's creeed suggests, a "mundane affair".

I'm thinking seven shooters is an odd number, and there needs to be some balance here.

They need a GEEK to leven the mix.
Well, there's . . . hey, I'M a Geek. I could do this.

I couldn't do squat, of course, but I can provide a benchmark experience.

I remember May, 1999, when I shot 'Mano a Mano' against Todd Jarret.

It was Stage 5 of the 1999 Area 1 Championship match of USPSA.

A large number of IPSC targets were presented for a four-string Timed-fire stage.

Jarret shot a fast rhythm of engagement against the half-dozen targets, all obscured by camoflauge netting.

I, shooting The Beloved Kimber ( .45 APC, fixed sights, C-Limited shooter) tried to keep up with his rhythm.

He hit all of his targets, at 50, 40, 20 and 10-yard distances.

I missed most of them. But DAMN! I sounded good, keeping up with the World Champion in pace if not in accuracy.

I can do it again. Well, maybe not.

This is a whole new deal, with the Best of the Besto of the Best competing agains each other

It will be interesting, seeing if the stage designs are 'Revolver friendly' for Miculek and Rogers. I can't imagine there isn't a bias in favor of the people who are accustomed to pushing their load-limit.

But the scenario is that everybody shoots the same gun, with the same ammunition, at the same stages.

It could be interesting. It could be a 'level playing field'.

It could be exciting!


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