Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Kaine and Able

"Clinton will look to her VP to take on the NRA"

There's a new sheriff in town.

His name is Jack Elam. *

No, I'm just kidding.   His name is Tim Kaine, really.   See ("About Jack Elam" below.)

Tim Kaine likes guns, and that could be a problem for the NRA - VICE News:

Kaine is the face of a new new kind of gun control messaging: a white dude gun owner who understands skepticism toward people who don’t like guns and who thinks the NRA has lost its way.
 “The overwhelming majority of gun owners support the kinds of proposals that we’re pushing, like background record checks,” Kaine told VICE News Tonight. “And sadly, the NRA has switched from being a representative of gun owners to being representative of gun manufacturers.”
 If Democrats are going to get new gun laws passed in a Clinton administration, they’ll need guys like Kaine to make their case.
I don't think that just because Tim Kaine "likes guns" makes him any better representative of  gun owners than it makes Jack Elam representative of bandits.   And I'm waffling about Jack Elam, who is a better actor than either Tim Kaine or Alex Baldwin are fathers.


Here's Tim Kaine in his very best  Alex Baldwin moment:

This is the party, you will recall, who accepted the idiotic incompetent  unforgettable  Joe Biden on the Obama ticket about eight years ago.   You might also recall how well THAT worked out.
Sorry, Mister Kaine, but you're no Jack Elam.   But you might be an Alec Baldwin.

And you're not the man to be "... a heartbeat away from the presidency ..."  (SALON said that?)

Although even he might be a better Leader of the Free World than Hillary, he doesn't exactly inspire us with confidence.


Here's Jack Elam in one of his Bad Men moments:

Do you see the difference between Elam's character and Kaine's character?

Neither do I.

Just as Jack Elam having a gun in the movies and having a lazy eye doesn't make him a real Bad Man, Tim Kaine having a gun and having a crappy sense of politics (and parenthood) doesn't make him a real representative of gun owners.

Elam's Bad Man moment is going to last about as long as Tim Kaine's Vice Presidential career.

Well, perhaps Elam's moment is about two minutes linger.

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Anonymous said...

According to NPR, the democrat anti-gun crowd has has success at the state level by going for state legislatures or through ballot initiatives. They may be right, more and more states are getting oppressive anti-gun laws passed. What you can't get passed at the national level you can get through on the state level. Look at California and Massachusetts.