Friday, November 04, 2016

I've heard the expression before, but ....

Park cop shoots at racoon 9 times, got only one hit: his own foot.
U.S. Park Police officer shoots himself in foot after being attacked by raccoon in D.C. | WJLA: WASHINGTON (ABC7) — A U.S. Park Police officer shot himself in the foot Thursday after being attacked by a raccoon in Northwest D.C., according to officials. Police say the officer was trying to get the raccoon off him when he shot himself. The officer was taken to the hospital and police say the injuries are not life-threatening. ABC7's Q McCray reports neighbors say they heard nine gunshots and that the officer was flown to the hospital.
You got to watch out for those attack racoons.


Anonymous said...

The raccoons that live around my house are pesky, but cute. I hope the raccoon in question was not hit by any of those 9 shots. They usually don't attack unless cornered. Raccoon Lives Matter!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't ever invite or let a raccoon into your home. They will trash it.