Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Good To Know *Vox Populi*

We're not "The Only Ones".

You Hate Gun Control, and the Media Didn’t Tell You | SlowFacts:
OCTOBER 28, 2016)
 Hillary Clinton says guns should be outlawed.  We  disagree. When I say “we”, I mean all of us.  Gallop took a poll this month.  They asked “Do you think there should a law that bans the possession of handguns..”  We said no, and we said it in a big way.  By more than a three to one ratio, 23 percent to 76 percent, we rejected the idea of a handgun ban.  That is the strongest response the poll has ever recorded.  You were not told that public opinion changed.  That is interesting too.
"Interesting" in that this kind of polling results don't show up on MSM front pages.

But .. we know it.

And we are encouraged by the understanding that we may have a small voice, but there are many of us ... whispering quietly; many whispers make an oceanic roar which cannot be ignored.

Except on the shooting range, of course, where we are rudely load!

As Robert Duvall never said:
("I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning")

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I liked the Ride of the Valkyries scene myself. Very powerful and moving.