Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hey Man, why you burnin' this here gas station?

I always wondered why people rioted and burned places up.

Then I found the perfectly good reason for burning up your neighborhood,
“It’s sad, because you know, this is what happens, you know, because they’re not helping the black community,” the man said. “Like, you know, rich people, they got all this money and they not, like, trying to give us none.”

I was sort of hoping that he could help me understand how burning up a gas station might lead to economic fulfillment.

Those rich people?  All that money?  They're not giving to give me none, either.

Maybe I should go burn up the gas station in my neighborhood.
Yeah, that'll do it.  Those rich people are sure to give me money for doing that.

Because, you know, they got privilege and all like that.

But they're not, like,  trying to help the white community.


Anonymous said...

They will tell you they are tired of being oppressed by the rich whites and constantly hassled by their lackeys the white cops. They was some of the privilege the whites have and they want respect.

Anonymous said...

He is burning the gas station because that is the sort of thing community activists do.