Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Daughter’s Teacher Did Her Hair! Who does she think she is?

It Happened To Me: My Daughter’s Teacher Did Her Hair | MadameNoire:

Thursday afternoon, like every day I went to pick up my daughter from her school playground. As she ran toward me, all I could do was mouth to myself was, WTF!? Seeing my reaction her teacher scurred behind her, quickly offering an exonerating explanation as to why my daughter didn’t look the way she did only a few hours earlier. “I did her hair, I hope you don’t mind?! She said she was hot.” I was furious. My blood was boiling, and there were no nice words I could find. I offered a limp smile, and could barely utter, “it’s fine.” I was fuming. My daughter’s hair had been brushed, with whose brush? I couldn’t tell you, parted, and braided in plaits, and embellished with rubber bands and barrettes, out of the teachers own supply.


I can't comment on this article without I check my "White Privilege" to perform a kind service for a child who as been left in my care by a mother who just hasn't the time to tend to her own daughter.

Bummer, Dudette.  And I suspect that this was a bogus story, because .. WTF???

If not ... I was once married to a woman who was quick to take offense.
It had a "Bad Ending"!


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I am transmogrified by it all.