Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Five Months Ago; Loretta Lynch; Oregon, political

Loretta Lynch Bails On Oregon Gun Forum, Chaos Erupts When Fast and Furious Mentioned (VIDEO):
US Attorney General Loretta Lynch was scheduled to appear at a Portland Police gang task force meeting, but no-showed after learning that folks from Don’t Shoot Portland planned on attending and possibly protesting. In lieu of Ms. Lynch, the moderator at the regularly held meeting used a big easel to jot down concerns and comments from the community to take to Lynch. But the moderator only wanted to hear from certain organizations and agencies, and refused to call on anyone else. Finally, after Penny Okamoto, of Ceasefire Oregon, gave a monologue about wanting stricter oversight of federally licensed gun dealers, one man in the crowd piped up about Operation Fast and Furious, and the event went downhill from there, as the central planners didn’t want to hear it, and soon the entire forum was shut down.

She got OWNED!

Interesting Video.

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Must of hit a sore spot.