Monday, August 29, 2016

GOOOOOOOOD Morning Vietnam!

Adrian Kraunaur was one of the most beloved Disk Jockeys in Viet Nam.

I have heard that, but I never heard him; he was there in '65-66, I was there in '69-70.  So I never actually heard him.  I found this video on the web, which was him.  Here's what he really looked and sounded like.

Okay, that's not very exciting.

Now, here's Robin Williams' version:

What's important about the original interview with The Real Adrian?

He describes Robin williams as someone who was insecure and ... well, if you really care, you can go back and play the ENTIRE Adrian Kraunaur interview.

Who every thought that Robin Williams was that insecure?  Until this year.

Back Story:
So I was chatting with a friend and listening to the Radio back in 1987 (I guess) and the radio station came on with a contest:  they playing a song and asked for callers to be the first to name the song and the artist.  I said "Oh heck, that's Pink Sunshine singing "I Never Knew My Daddy Was A Funny Boy", from their album "The Wall"  (I'm making this up .. it was 30 years ago for crissakes!) and when I called the station they said "That's Right!  You just won two free tickets to "Good Morning Vietnam".

So I gave them my address, they sent me the tickets, and my friend and I went to see the movie.

I was disappointed in this YouTube video, because they never showed the punchline .... which I thought was the best line of the movie:

At the end, this cute little VietNamese kid, whom Kraunaur had made friends with, runs off into the middle of Saigon and blows himself up.

Kraunaur/Williams turns to the camera, and says his memorable line:

"That's NOT going to look good on my resume."

I guess you need a really dark sense of humor to appreciate it.

When he hanged himself, I didn't think that really looked good on his resume, either.


Anonymous said...

69-70, So, you must remember Chicken Man on Armed Forces Radio.

Jerry The Geek said...


We got back to the barracks during Basic and AFF by 1555 so we could listen to the five-minute of

Stand by now for another episode of the Amazing Adventures of (FANFARE) CHICKEN MAAAANNNNNnnnnnnnnnnn~!