Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Finally, a good reason to vote for Trump

Streisand: I’ll Leave The Country If Trump Wins | Daily Wire:
Acclaimed singer Barbra Streisand is joining the list of disgruntled celebrities threatening to leave America if Donald Trump is elected president. She made the comments during an interview with Sydney-based journalist Michael Usher during an Australian news program broadcast on Sunday.

(I'll miss Samuel L. Jackson)


Anonymous said...

Still she was once a great singer and long ago had some really good and funny movies. We will miss her.

Mark said...

Can we set up a Go Fund Me site?

Jerry The Geek said...

Anonymous poster is correct, she made some great music and a couple of funny movies (if you ignore that Ryan O'neal fiasco). I was hooked on her from her debut album "BARBRA".

But she has turned into an elitist snob who has had the gall to 'direct' elected Senators and Representatives in the ways that "her party" should be run.

Then there was Yentl, and then there was her Malibou beach house sitting there on the internet for every one to see, and then she got really weird.

Still like her music. I also like a couple of Jane Fonda movies (BARBARELLA ... is they some psychic connection here? I know they're both from a different, but are Babs and Jane from the SAME different planet?)