Monday, August 29, 2016

The Witch is Back!

Re-working an old law for a new ‘effective immediately’ gun grab - Personal Liberty:
Gun owners in Massachusetts are running into all kinds of problems as they attempt to deal with Attorney General Maura Healey’s unilateral decision to ban hundreds of previously legal firearms by reinterpreting a 1998 law. Boston Herald reported that Healey is taking a new approach to enforcing the law, which mirrors the federal assault weapons ban which expired in 2004, to keep gun makers from producing state-compliant versions of the rifles on the ban list.
Wimpy HEALEY sez:
Image result
"I would gladly ban you tomorrow for a gun that is legal today!"
What we have here is an 'ex post facto law', which means that you (gun owner) are penalized today for some act you legally performed yesterday (bought a firearm); because Healey says that you have purchased an object which, although legal when you bought it, is no longer legal. So you are liable to awful penalties.

Because ... Healey.

There are flies all over this reeking pile of doggie-doo, and only the people who might be directly affected by this the proposed law are calling "SHAME!" on it.

PERSONAL NOTE:  I once had an RTO (Radio-Telephone Operator) named Healey working for me, who proved his courage by calmly continuing to maintain contact with 'higher authorities' under direct fire as I was crying for illumination (flares from Base Camp Artillery) during a fire-fight.   He got through, directed adjustment for consecutive Artillery Flares so we could see what we were shooting at, and was entirely unruffled during the entire kerfuffle.   I hope he is not related to the Healey-creature in question, because I thought he was an exemplary individual.


Anonymous said...

The people of Massachusetts have the government they voted for.

Jerry The Geek said...

Unfortunately, next year we will have the government we voted for, too.

Even if we win, we lose.

Isn't there something about the "Tyranny of the Masses"?