Saturday, May 07, 2016

A Sign Of The TImes

Pol to seek bill requiring city to post signs on gun possession - NY Daily News:
(May 04, 2016)
 Councilman Dan Garodnick will introduce legislation this week to require the city to post signs on roads entering the five boroughs saying that it’s illegal to have a gun without a license from the city. Garodnick said the signs will send a message to would-be gun traffickers — as well as clueless tourists who have gotten busted for bringing their guns into New York. 
 Tourists ... maybe.  "Gun traffickers" ... not so much

But HEY!    This guy might be on to something.

Getting his name in the news.

Politicians:  "The scrabbling, scheming rabble in both houses who would foul their own nests for a line of good press or an edge in the next election"   (David Drake)

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