Wednesday, August 08, 2018

VPC claims hundreds killed by Licensed Concealed Carriers

The Violence Policy Center (an anti-gun group who has no dog in this fight at ALL and therefore has no reason to cook the statistics) claims* that owners of Concealed Handgun Licenses are "responsible" for hundreds of deaths "... not involving self defense...".

One needs to read carefully when evaluating claims from this source.

Since the article doesn't provide links to the "websites" which 'offer details', it's impossible to confirm or refute their claims.

As for their assertion that these killings were "not involving self defense", one wonders how many deaths were deemed necessary due to defense against other violent crimes, or in defense of other persons (including family).   Nor does the article provide information about whether the shooters were charged with a felony ... let alone tried, or convicted. 

Are they lazy?  Do they have any facts to support their message?   Or are they just liars?

Blanket Charges such as this are typical of VPC screeds.   Unsubstantiated by reputable third parties, their so-called statistics meet the lowest level of believability; "if they say so, it must be true".

I call this innuendo; an obvious distortion of facts offered to convince the already convinced anti-gun crowd which has declared it's intention to delete your 2nd Amendment rights from the Constitution.

As a counter to their charges, read the Pew Poll recently posted from Ammoland.

(It is telling, to compare the sourced claims of Pro-Second Amendment websites to the unsourced  claims of the anti-gunner websites.)

* In case  VPC deletes their egregious statement from their website, the link and full text is printed under the fold.

Concealed Gun Holders Kill 1,259 Since 2007: Study | The Crime ReportThe Crime Report:
 Innocent victims continue to to be fatally wounded by private citizens with permits to carry concealed handguns, reports the Violence Policy Center, an advocacy group. Concealed handgun permit holders are responsible for 1,259 deaths not involving self defense since 2007, the center says. It offers details on these fatal incidents on a website. The center says it found 1,049 fatal, non-self defense incidents since May 2007 in 40 states and the District of Columbia. Thirty-one of the incidents were fatal mass shootings as defined by federal law (three or more victims), resulting in the deaths of 147 people. At least 21 law enforcement officers have died at the hands of concealed carry killers since May 2007.

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Liberal anti-gun group, nuff said.