Saturday, August 11, 2018

Society's Child

Politicians want to solve "The Gun Problem" by penalizing legal firearms owners; but these are not the people who are are using firearms to commit crime.  The people who intend to break the law ... and eventually do the crime ... are often juveniles or adolescents who have no recourse but criminal activities to feed themselves and their families.

They have no job skills.  They have no future.  The only thing they know that they are GOOD at, is crime.

So that's what they do.

They rob, they steal, they take away from others who have money; because those people have a good job and lots of money, so they won't miss the little that is in their pocked when they are mugged, assaulted, attacked.  Violence is often necessary to establish dominance of the "robber" over the "target".

The victims are usually the robber, not the muggee; although that is not obvious to the person who gets his pocket picked and his face bashed in during the process.

But Politicians promise faithfully every election year to "clean up the neighborhood", and "Stop Crime!".

For the zillionth time ... politicians cannot reduce crime by penalizing the underdog.  They can only do so by recognizing, addressing, and solving the societal problems which lead young men to a life of crime.

If the politicians would find/create jobs, grow the economy, make crime a less attractive alternative than being able to support self and family through social programs which bring pride to a young man and a living wage for his family ..... who wouldn't vote for them?

But the (PTUI!)  politicians all want to be "Crime-Fighters".   And they can't be crime-fighters if there is no crime.  So they choose the easy way, by passing laws which don't help anyone but DO make it harder to be a "young man trying to find his way in a complicated world".

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Anonymous said...

No, the conditions that breed high crime rates were perpetrated by politicians of a particular party seeking votes. They got those votes and aim to keep them. Also, virtue signaling, white guilt, diversity, inclusion, and social justice all play into the equation.