Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It's The NRA's Fault!

Girl Killed in Kentucky Mass Shooting Handed to NRA as a Sacrifice by Aunt - Slog - The Stranger: The AP reports that Bailey Nicole Holt, a teen shot last week at a high school in a rural Kentucky community, was "the salt of the Earth." Of course, this is total bullshit.
[emphasis added]

And of course, that's a fair description of this .... editorial?   Opinion Piece?

This may be the most incoherent article by a (supposedly) professional journalist I've ever read.

It's rambling, poorly composed, and follows none of the rules for essay writing as defined in Strunk and White "elements of essay"; point/counterpoint; thesis/antithesis; etc.   (I hear that Strunk and White are dead; now I believe it!)

It's not that I necessarily disagree with the author's point; it's just that I'm not quite sure I know what the author was trying to say

Well ... he thinks "guns are bad"; that much is clear.   But it all seems to be an emotionally charged rambling hog-swill of rhetoric.    Did I mention "chaotic"?

I appreciate anti-gun essays which make me think; I don't agree with them, but I do grade them.

(Think of the old joke about the woman who said of lecherous advances: "I will not respond to them, but I will grade them!")

This one rates an "F" grade, but only because no lower ranking is available.

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Anonymous said...

I think the dems maybe blamed the Kennedy assassination on the NRA and republicans.