Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Gruesome: The Ultimate Cost of A Cheap Holster

There is a reason why experienced shooters urge you to invest in a good holster.

That's a decision which could save your ass. Literally.

Gruesome pictures at gunfree zone.com

Back story: Bearing Arms

I decline to post the really ugly photos of a guy who shot himself in the leg: three holes, one shot.
(In, out, in again)

"New Shooters" tend to spend big bucks on a pistol, and all the accouterments ... but often won't spend 10% of their investment on a decent holster.  Hey, you may decide that pistol shooting isn't what you want to do, so why waste the money?

Answer: Because you're not as good as you think you are.

I've been competing in USPSA competition since 1983; performed tens hundreds of thousands of draws from the holster, and I haven't shot myself yet ... even though competition requires you to get the gun into action as quickly as possible.

Why haven't I shot myself yet?

Because I always spent the money to provide myself with the safest (if fastest) holsters I could buy, because I always chose holsters for competition, not EDC (every-day carry).

Can't access the trigger in a holstered gun, because of the holster design. With this type* of holster, you learn to MUST keep your finger off the trigger until the pistol is pointed in a safe direction ... which is defined as "pointed away from your leg". 

 ( *Note:There are other holster manufacturers which provide the same level of safety; I'm not necessarily suggesting that this is the best version of a "safe" holster!  It's only an example.  In fact I don't own or use this holster, or any holster by this manufacturer.)
If you decide that your "usual" mode of carrying a pistol is predicated on safe retention, you may choose another design.

Yet a third design may be your best choice. 
You should evaluate your options and make your own decisions, based upon your circumstances.  What are your priorities?  Concealment is only one priority.  Accessibility may be another, and retention yet a third.   This is not the best source for recommendations, but I urge you to consider all these criteria

If you;re concerned about EDC (Every Day Carry) your choices will perhaps not be my choices.

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