Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Campus Carry .. good or bad thing?

Wichita State gun case shows loophole in campus carry law - The Gun Writer: WICHITA, Kan. —
The case of a former Wichita State University student who was arrested for carrying a loaded gun on campus points to what could be an unintended loophole allowing criminals who are barred from carrying a gun to get away with it.
It also points to local "regulations" (probably not 'laws") which constrain college student from their right to protect themselves.

The work "LOOPHOLE" should be a warning that someone's Constitutional Rights are being infringed. 

Or not:
When the laws are imperfect (as usual),  interpretation is dubious.

The original article infers that the student was not of sound mind, and had 'issues" which might have affected his judgement;  it's difficult at this time to determine whether or not he was competent to carry a weapon.

Whether or not this is, indeed, a "Loophole" remains to be determined.  In the actual event, that the campus police disarmed the student was probably a valid precaution.

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