Tuesday, June 06, 2017

WAR? (PART II) -World War Z!-

London mayor to Islamic Terrorists: 'You do not commit these disgusting acts in my name'

Gee, it's funny how time slips away.

NOW we are challenged to another "Culture War".

"War as we know it"
War is declared, defended and played with the three national priorities of land, greed, and culture... and I suspect  that in the final analysis this war will end up being played (if it's to be played at all) on all these basic premises:

Greed, Culture, Land.

This promises to be an undeclared war, a "Guerrilla War": not an honorable war in defense of one's nation but one which is designed by the aggressor to impose cultural imperatives upon people whose heritage is not gladly subjected to an archaic code of subjugation to an alien concept of a harsh god.

It will not be fought by both sides according to the "Geneva Conventions" (whichever version you prefer)  ... those wars require all combatants to be uniformed, answerable to a readily identifiable higher authority, and bound by BOTH sides to abide by the common conventions of 'no torture', sanctuary to non-combatants,

Western Civilization is based on principles of community,

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunatley, our ruling class does not recognize that we are at war with an ideology.