Friday, June 09, 2017

'Love me, Love my gun'

Lawmakers move to close national 'hate crime loophole':
Democrats on Capitol Hill introduced legislation Thursday backed by gun control groups to strip Second Amendment rights from those who commit misdemeanor hate crimes.
Another non-starter bill introduced solely to make some Democratic Stooge appear to be "Doing Something".    Too many laws are imposed on the American people for no better reason, but this one doesn't take away a "privilege", but an Enumerated Right.

Hell, if you really want to "Do Something", why not take away the Drivers License of people who are convicted of the non-crime of uttering the undefinable "Hate Speech"  ... which is a "Hate Crime".

If the explanation is that 'people who commit hate crimes are those who kill people with guns', remember that Cars are the new Guns; if you take away their drivers license, surely they won't be able to drive a truck onto a crowded NYC sidewalk any more!  (See how easy to extend the 'thought process of a Democrat' to its logical absurdity!)

The Supreme Court can't even define "Obscenity".   How are they going to handle the first case that reaches their docket and they have to apply a standard to "Hate Speech"?


Anonymous said...

Hate speech must be anything that disagrees with or refutes the latest leftist, PC dogma.

Mark said...

I hate brussel sprouts and liver. Does that make me a bigot and can you take my guns? (In a pig's valise).