Thursday, July 20, 2017

San Francisco - sanctuary for everyone but legal residents?

Folks in the San Francisco Bay Area are complaining about "youth" attacks on defenseless citizens.

Man beaten by 5-6 youths outside Richmond BART Station - SFGate:
A man was beaten and kicked in the head Thursday by a group of a half-dozen youths just outside the Richmond BART Station, police said. The man, who was not identified, was expected to survive, said Lt. Felix Tan, a spokesman for the Richmond Police Department. BART police initially responded to the scene around 11:30 a.m. — at the transit terminal frequented by buses directly outside the station — because they thought the incident was under their jurisdiction. Five to six juveniles assaulted the man, according to BART police. Officers said they could not locate the attackers, who escaped in the surrounding neighborhood.
(emphasis added)

Curiously, either the newspaper or spokesmen for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) authority, or the Richmond Police department refuse to identify the "demographics" of the "youths".   The claim is that revelation of their race might lead to racial violence, or something.

As if they don't already have that, in the Bay Area.    Remember Katherine Steinle?

Whether the attackers were blacks, or Mexican "immigrants", or a group of fun-loving Nob Hill teenagers on a lark from across the bay is left for the reader to imagine, based on one's own personal racial bias.   The only thing that seems certain is that if the attacking "youths" were caucasian, it would have been printed in the paper ... if only to prove that the attackers were not minorities, or were not illegal aliens  undocumented immigrants.

Personal Note: I lived and worked in the East Bay area (Oakland) for several years, back in the '80s, where I got my first job in the Data Processing business.   My wife and I decided to move elsewhere after the lady who lived in the next-door apartment was mugged by three  black adolescent girls in the parking lot of the grocery store in the next block.  They beat the shit out of her, stole her purse and scattered the groceries all over sidewalk, so I guess they weren't trying to feed their families.

That attack, too, happened during the middle of the day.


Group Stabs Man In Broad Daylight In San Francisco’s Dolores Park

... and SF WEEKLY even has a round up of bizarre crimes of the week.

Chicago ... eat your heart out.  You have the body count, but you don't have the Fruits-N-Nuts contingent to provide violence with a kink.


Anonymous said...

The beauty of living in coastal California.

Mark said...

Given the proximity of Richmond to Sausalito and the Sonoma/Napa area, I am sure it was the Nob Hill gang.