Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fly The Friendly Skies of United!

All this because UAL needed one more seat for a non-paying employee  passenger (Stewardess) to get to 'somewhere else' so she could work another scheduled flight?  Apparently there's a law that there needs to be FOUR (not "three") Steward on every United flight.

But what are the odds that the secondary flight couldn't have drafted a 'local' employee to fill in?
This entire scenario is just ... silly!

UAL couldn't find another stew at the destination to work the subsequent flight?   Preposterous!

Being dragged off United flight 'more terrifying' than escaping Vietnam: Passenger's lawyer - Yahoo:
The lawyer for a United Airlines passenger who was dragged off an oversold flight on Sunday said today that a lawsuit would "probably" be filed.

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Anonymous said...

It's their plane. The Dr. could have saved everyone a lot of trouble and deplaned as asked. He could have than taken a different flight. United offered it to him. Or, he could have driven, it is not that far from Kentucky to Chicago. Legally United was right.