Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Better to be Convicted than Buried ...

A father used a handgun in Trinidad to defend his son from assault; faces charges:

Trinidad Express Newspapers: News | Father fined for gun after rescuing son from attackers:
On his return to the station, Maraj told Hyacinth of the offences committed and cautioned him. Hyacinth said: “Men who I don’t know came out of a white B15…and they started beating up my son. They were pelting bottles at him and I was frightened that they kill him. “I take out my gun from my waist and I shoot in the air to get them off my son. I cannot recall if I shot at any car. I cannot recall where I throw the gun but it was somewhere near the road.” Following the facts of the case, which Hyacinth agreed with, Magistrate Margaret Alert entered a not-guilty plea on his behalf for discharging the firearm in a public place.
This is the problem with punitive firearms regulations: even when you're right, you're still wrong.

The father faces fines of several thousand of dollars for possession and use of a firearm to save his son from serious injury, or dearth; even though the court was sympathetic.
She fined Hyacinth $3,500 for possession of the gun and gave him 60 days to pay or serve nine months in prison. Hyacinth was also fined $1,500 for possession of the ammunition. He has to pay the money in 30 days or serve three months in jail.The father was placed on $15,000 bail for discharging the gun. He will return to court on May 9.
It may not be "Justice", but it's "The Law".

I wonder how long it takes for a Trinidad resident to accumulate $20,000?

But I'm sure the father thinks his son was worth it.

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It's the British influence?