Sunday, March 26, 2017

In Your Dreams, Joe!

Vice President Joe Biden said recently that he "could have been elected President" except that his attention at the time was on the death of his son.

Joe Biden: ‘Do I regret not being president? Yes.’:
Former vice president Joe Biden told an audience at Colgate University that he could have won the 2016 presidential election, but he chose not to run because he felt he couldn't give "one hundred percent attention and dedication" to the job after the death of his son. (Colgate University) A year and a half after giving up a 45-year-old dream to become president, Joe Biden told an audience on Friday that he could have beaten Donald Trump, had the death of his child not intervened.
With all respect to Mr. Biden, his family, and appreciating the tragedy they have experienced, Joe Biden could never have been elected President.

"Leading Democrats" who had a LESSER chance of a successful bid for POTUS would include Feinstein, Franken and Schumer.

Frankly, we've elected clowns to the white house too often.

But the American Electorate are like smokers .... we're trying to cut back.  
At least this term ... "he's OUR clown!"


Anonymous said...

Uncle Joe, he is like a lovable, favorite uncle that is just a bit dotty.

Mark said...

He is without a doubt, the most self deluding individual to come along in my life time (oh wait I forgot about Carter and Obama).