Wednesday, March 29, 2017

For people who don't have time to sharpen their own knives

This is what we call "Progress"

Knife Robot - First Knife Sharpener with Serious Edge over Competition:

Finally, a company has taken the guess work out of knife sharpening and eliminated dull and misaligned blades with the patented automatic Knife Robot, the world’s first no-hands, no-holding, no wasting time knife sharpener. Pre-orders for both versions of the Knife Robot are available at Indiegogo until April 5 for all 2017 orders.
Small problem.  It costs a bundle, it's "on spec" (meaning they're not even building the machine until they get enough orders to justify setting up a manufacturing process, and you can't expect delivery in less than a year.   At least.

Yeah, but it's going to look GOOD, gathering dust on your countertop waiting for you to use it every year or so.

I think they ought to throw in a free plastic dust cover, so you don't even have to dust it.  That would be a REAL labor saving feature!


Anonymous said...

Modern gadget for the lady that does the cooking and doesn't know how to sharpen a knife.

MuddyValley said...

You'd have to be pretty stoned to spend $600.00 on one of these. :-)