Thursday, October 06, 2016

Kim Kardashian robbery

Celebrities are set to increase their security in the wake of Kim Kardashian robbery | Daily Mail Online:
In the wake of Kim Kardashian being held at gunpoint and robbed of  8.5 million worth of jewellery in Paris, high profile celebrities look set to increase their security.
As if we care.


Anonymous said...

Needless to to say, poor Kim is devastated.

Anonymous said...

If it can happen to Kim Kardashian, it could happen to any of us.

Jerry The Geek said...

The usual good-sense from my good friend Mr. Anonymous.

I shall take steps to lock up my millions of dollars of jewelry immediately, and hire a few more armed guards. After all ... it could happen to any of us.

Anonymous said...

I always thought those university jobs had a lot of hidden benefits.