Monday, December 12, 2016

Where's the Ticker Tape Parade for the hero Alan Horujko?

Give them a thin week to tweak reality; Anti-Gunners can turn a COME TO JESUS moment into ... any way you want to name it ,,, obscurity!

When a freak Muslim Marauder (let us call a Spade a Spade; he wasn't a Scientology Extrovert) decided to run down a herd of turtles on an Ohio sidewalk (for the greater glory of Allah), and who then waded into the crowd with a carving knife, Ohio State University 'Campus Cop' ALAN HORUJKO turned that moment of opportunity into a life-saving glory because he just happened to be on the block; he was performing other duties, and he was armed.

He (ALAN HORUJKO) saw <name with-held> wading through a crowd of students on the sidewalk, and imposed his own sense of right by drawing his issued pistol and drilling said Jihad Warrior through the heart.

Which was, under the circumstances, the just and right way of stopping a Jihandi DRT.

                                                  ( "Dead Right There!").

No, it was not a matter of the University of Ohio having the prescience to station an armed policeman in what was essentially a "Dead Zone" (not specifically protected by Campus Cops) ... he just happened to be there tending to 'other business', and when the Asshole Assailant started Slicing and Dicing (after having already mowed down his daily Game Bag of undergraduate lemmings via Volvo), this Ohio Hero  ... did I mention that his name is Alan Horujko?  ,,, waded in and killed the M.F. in his tracks ... arguably saving the lives of tens or twenties of clueless coeds in the process.

And I bet he never even got as much as a kiss from a coed for his efforts.

Well Done sir!

But what does the Lame Stream Media (and the U* of O*) make of it?

Oh,  because OSU (Ohio State University, not Oregon State University) is so terribly, terribly concerned for the safety of their students and faculty, had they deliberately stationed an armed guard in what was a potential kill zone in case some Muslim Maniac decided to start Slicing and Dicing their tuition-paying student body?


Here's how the efforts of OSU Campus Policeman Alan Horujko were lauded immediately after the kerfluffle, on November 28, 2016:

Monday morning, an “active shooter” alert was sent out by the Ohio State University Emergency Management Team as a man identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan recklessly attacked individuals on campus grounds with a car and a knife.Artan crashed his vehicle into pedestrians on campus, then emerged from his vehicle brandishing a butcher knife, proceeding to assault several people on the scene.At least nine people were hospitalized, including one in “critical condition,” CNN reported.

Please pay attention:  Alan Horujko did his job, and fulfilled the the destiny of hopeful Jihad Warrior (name not given homage) by shooting the Mortar Forker through the gizzard, with a combination of Speed, Power and Accuracy. The Allah-driven asshole's name is mentioned twice in the article; the hero's name is never mentioned.

(DVC!  And if that's not a real word .. it ought to be!)

Horujko wasn't on-site to shoot potential mass murderers, because OSU didn't expect some Islamic Asshole to drive through the Thanksgiving throngs in his Dodge Dart (whatever).

 Horujko was just A Good Man With A Gun (which you may have noticed that the Main Stream Media never fully acknowledged).  I don't know, he was wandering across the campus collecting for the March of Dimes or some similar benign benefit.    The reason doesn't matter; what does matter was that he was there, he was armed, he seen his duty and he done it.

But does the MSM mention that?


And here is how a grateful student body at Ohio State University recognized Alan Horujko's contribution to the longevity of OSU students:

Should Ohio's universities be able to authorize concealed-carry on campus? No | The Columbus Dispatch:

Last week, an OSU student drove his car into a crowded pedestrian sidewalk and then began stabbing students in the vicinity with a butcher knife. OSU immediately activated its emergency operations while one of the university's police officers acted swiftly and admirably to secure the situation and protect those in the vicinity. The only life lost was the perpetrator’s. This incident demonstrates that the extensive planning and training OSU law enforcement routinely undertakes works. 
John R. Lott Jr.: Yes, criminals and terrorists perfer (sic) gun-free zones Nonetheless, proponents of H.B. 48 claim that 1) the current prohibition of civilian guns makes campuses attractive to mass shooters because their plans are less likely to be thwarted by another gunman, and 2) allowing guns on campus would give a civilian gunman the opportunity to neutralize an active shooter and prevent more casualties. Yet there is no evidence that mass shooters intentionally seek out gun-free zones. In fact, 90 percent of mass shooting incidences have occurred in locations where civilians were permitted to have guns, or where armed law enforcement was present. The notion that mass shooters want to avoid law enforcement or armed civilians assumes that the shooter does not have specific motive, and that he intends to survive the incident. Evidence, however, su ,,,,,

So, when did Ohio, and a Grateful Nation give Alan a parade?


Alan Horujko ... will fade back into obscurity, because he didn't follow the Main Stream Media game-plan of running around like a chicken with his head cut off when Un-named Asshole started shooting students.

I don't know about you, but I personally think that this is a travesty of justice, when a real-life HERO is ignored, and the Asshole Assailant gets all the press.

This is perhaps the final accolade that a "Grateful Nation" can pay this unsung hero.

Remember the name:

Alan Horujko 


Anonymous said...

This policeman deserves a big atta boy for shooting a person, who's religion and beliefs, cannot be mentioned by federal decree. Alan would have been celebrated university wide if he could have subdued he who cannot be mentioned without injuring him. The fact that he used a gun to shoot the killer dead was a PC black mark against the young policeman.

Mark said...

You are expecting the drive-by media to accurately tell the story, ha! Fox News gave the hero's name and lauded him repeatedly.

Jerry The Geek said...

That's right, Mark; but the D-BM isn't as forthright as I am.

Nor as honest.

(Or better looking, either!)