Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Big Trouble for Dingey Harry?

A $2M check, Harry Reid and one frustrated prosecutor | The Salt Lake Tribune:
Shurtleff said he asked Johnson why he considered the $250,000 a bribe and not just "straight-up lobbying" money — as Swallow has argued it was. "He says, 'because I bribed Harry Reid before,' " Shurtleff recalled in an interview with The Tribune.
(Hat Tip: Codrea, The War On guns)


Anonymous said...

All you Harry Reed fans can calm down. Big Harry laughs at such allegations. He has powerful friends, the best lawyers money can buy, and is beloved by all liberal progressives, which includes most of the population of the 53 states.

Jerry The Geek said...

What the .... I have it on good authority that there are 57 states!
What happened to the other four?

Anonymous said...

I think Obama only found 53.