Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Limousine Lawyers vs 2nd Amendment

A Pro Bono Dream Team Takes On the N.R.A. - The New York Times:
(NY Times Editorial . 12/17/2016)
A promising new force in the fight for gun control has arrived on the scene. A coalition that includes corporate litigators from seven of the nation’s leading law firms is taking aim at some of the most glaring flaws in gun safety. One is Congress’s restriction of the government’s ability to conduct basic public health research on gun deaths. The lawyers will also seek ways to challenge state lawmakers who have invited millions of citizens to pack guns in public buildings and businesses.
The Coalition of Liberal Lawyers have a head start in their initial announcement to the Egregiously Liberal New York Times.

The article takes a preliminary poke at "...  Congress’s decision in 2005 to shield the arms industry from damage suits — an outrageous protection no other industry has."

 It's no surprise that they came out swinging for the low blows.  This is an obvious First Strike at the PLCAA  (Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act).

The legal fight has been made difficult by Congress’s decision in 2005 to shield the arms industry from damage suits — an outrageous protection no other industry has. But the coalition is considering new approaches, drawing upon public safety, antitrust and property laws to tackle problems like the widespread legalization of guns in public places and commercial establishments. Another concern is the pre-emption of local gun ordinances by state laws approved by politicians in the sway of the gun lobby.
I warned about this on my December 15, 2016 article  which initially noted the support of National Public Radio for anti-Second Amendment movements.  

What do 'they' have on their side?

Untold numbers of Limousine Lawyers looking to make a name for themselves.

What do 'we' have on our side?

Not much.

Only the Constitution of the United States of America.

Oh. And Bette Davis:

(H/T: David Codrea at Ammoland)


Anonymous said...

Simple equation. The U.S. has more lawyers per capita than any other nation. Lawyers all want to be rich. Law suits are the answer, sue anything and everyone that has a nickle. The lawyers make out like bandits. Half of them sue, and the other half defend against the suits. Both sides get well paid. It's a dirty profession.

Jerry The Geek said...

Here's a conundrum for you:

New Jersey has more "toxic waste sites" than any other state in the nation.
California has more lawyers than any other state in the nation.

How can we understand this?

New Jersey got first choice.