Monday, December 26, 2016

Chicago: "Old News"

Chicago's grim murder trend blamed on light sentencing, misguided reforms | Fox News:

The cycle of violence has resulted in more than 800 shootings so far this year, including seven shootings and one murder on April 4 alone. Escalante’s successor, former Chicago Police Department Chief of Patrol Eddie Johnson, says the rate of murders and shootings can’t be reversed until the criminal justice system begins to hold offenders accountable.

This is "Old News".

I recall an article I wrote a few years ago (2014?) about Rahm Emanuel as Mayor of Chicago (elected 2011) and he wanted to keep the statistics of Firearms Deaths under the Magic Number of 500 deaths.

He and his political machine used every tactic possible to define "death by firearms" out of that official category.

This statement was based on a 2014 The Guardian article, which links to a "Chicago Magazine" article:

Stung by a 16% spike in killings in 2012 that led Moody’s, the ratings agency, to downgrade the city’s debt due to its "unrelenting public safety demands", Emanuel promised a tough response. Amid spending cuts, the former White House chief of staff to Barack Obama has ploughed tens of millions more taxpayer dollars into policing. Sure enough, in January he proudly announced that 2013 had seen the city’s fewest homicides since 1965 and lowest crime rate since 1972.
Yet a startling 7,000-word investigation [The Truth About Chicago's crime Rates] earlier this month by Chicago Magazine cast serious doubt over the crime-busting miracle of Emanuel and his superintendent, Garry McCarthy. It identified at least 18 apparent murders in 2013 that had either been quietly redefined as “non-criminal deaths” or shunted off the city’s books by other statistical sleights of hand..
Mayor Rahm has never lost his emphasis on "Looking Good" even though his record so far doesn't excel above the level of competency demonstrated by the corrupt   incompetent earlier Democrats who preceded him in the honorable office of Mayor of Chicago, Illinois.

Hey, Chicago!

Have you ever thought about voting for a different political party?

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It's the Chicago Way, it will never change.